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For orders with a total value of less than $49:                      $5.99

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Tracking:¬†ÔĽŅPlease email us at for tracking updates!

Please note that items are sent in separate packages so that we can get your items to you as quickly as possible. For example, if you order ten items, the items may arrive in ten separate packages.

Our items are sometimes procured from third parties from all around the world and so shipping times vary between products. We also look to source items at the lowest price possible, so that we can pass on those low prices to you. Because of this, shipping normally takes around two weeks and can sometimes take thirty to fifty working days depending on where you live. 

Please note that in the event of an item not being delivered due to an invalid shipping address, we reserve the right to charge a fee (depending on the destination country) for the item to be sent back out again to you. 

If you'd like some help tracking your order, need to report a missing parcel, or have other questions, you can get in touch by sending our customer service team an email at